Using Licensed Professionals

When you're looking to renovate or build your dream home, nothing can be more nerve-wracking than trying to coordinate a team of professionals who are all licensed tradespeople. It's hard enough just scheduling them—let alone making sure that they're going to have the right equipment and materials for the job, get along with each other, and do things correctly. You've probably been in a situation where a contractor didn't show up because they said they did, but then you had to wait even longer because they didn't have the right equipment with them. Every time you call one contractor, you have no idea if they're even going to offer to cover the cost of their own gas and mileage or if they'll just bill it to you after the fact. And then there are always those contractors who try to squeeze an extra $20 out of you when they deliver by saying that "only cash is accepted." What if you could just call one company that handled everything? You can! That's what we do at our company. We coordinate teams of licensed tradespeople who will arrive on-time and fully prepared to deliver your project on-budget, on-schedule, and on-point. We'll help you select the best people from our network of trusted professionals.

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