Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Pot lights are amazing. They are minimalistic and able to give a home a sense of classiness and luxury at the same time. They make the home bright and inviting. In my own Renovations, pot lights are always my first choice. .

There are a few types of pot lights. Up until recently, the only types of pot lights on the market are regular light-bulb type pot lights. However, recently, it seems that LED potlights has taking the industry by storm. I'll explain them later a bit below.

There are two types of pot lights. New pot lights and retrofit pot lights. First lets explain brand new pot lights. Think about building a house. Before the drywall goes on, all you see are wooden frame pieces of wood. You use a brand new pot light and fastened it to the wood. After all of the pot lights are installed, then you put the drywall on. This type of pot light is housed in metal box.

What about a renovation? Let's say you want to add 3 pot lights to your renovation project, and these three potlights are above the kitchen island. In this case, you would use a retrofit pot light. Pot light does not have a big casing. It's more slender to install it you would cut the hole in the drywall, and then put the spotlight into the hole and install it that way. It requires more work and finesse to install this kind of pot light. But this kind of retrofit part light is ideal for renovations because not have to take down drywall pieces on the ceiling.

Now let's talk about LED pot lights. He consumed much less energy are much easier to install first of all LED pot lights are much more compact than regular light bulb pot lights. An LED pot light looks kind of like a puck and is about 1 inch thick. Irregular ball pot light is about 7 in tall. Thin LED pot lights come in handy when you don't have much space in the ceiling space above you.

Component of pot light is the driver. If you look at the pot light. There are usually two components. Like component itself, and the electrical driver. The driver being kind of like a Transformer. There are two types of configurations. You can have one Transformer and turn pot lights. Alternatively, one driver for every I prefer to have one pot light for every driver. It may cost a bit more, but not much more. The advantage is that if you have a configuration where all the pot lights connected to one main driver if this mean driver is broken, and all the pot lights cannot work. Also, the main driver can become hot and if it is installed in a tight space summer months, there is a slight possibility that it may overheat and cause your lighting system to shut down.

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