Raising A Home vs Building Brand New

Before you think about raising a house, you have to prepare for the eventual basement that you're going to havee. But before you get there, you need to ask yourself: is a new basement really worth the effort? We can't speak for all basements of the world, but we can just share our experience with ours. Here's our story: We started off really excited about building a brand-new basement. We had all these wild plans about installing a private bowling alley, an Olympic-sized pool, and a movie theater. And then we realized that we were in way over our heads! Even though we did have some experience building things from scratch with some of our other projects—we built this amazing treehouse for my daughter's birthday party last year!—we were still totally unprepared for the actual construction of a basement. We hired contractors and they got mad at us because they thought that we were too demanding and didn't want to listen to their advice. Then they left and took all the money with them.

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